Attendance Tracking Made Simpler, Cheaper, and Fraud-Resistant

UbiAttendance uses a combination of a Mobile App, a Web Application, and Cloud services to provide you with a simple, low cost, and reliable real-time attendance tracking and reporting solution.

UbiAttendance is a proven, ready-to-use, automated Attendance and Daily Time Record Solution for Field Personnel, Remote Workers, and Work from Home employees. It is a Cloud-based SaaS and Mobile App offering with over 1 million users in over 40 countries.

Why is UbiAttendance a better method for Attendance tracking?​

Because it checks and validates attendance in 4 ways:​

Validate User​

Login names and passwords identifies and validates the employee upon opening the App.​

Capture Identity

The Selfie captures the employee's face and his/her location in the background.​

Track Location​

The GPS/Geolocation data identifies the specific location of the employee at the time the Selfie was taken.​

Accurate Time

The Date and Timestamp is saved in real time. They cannot be altered or removed from the logs anymore.​

Key Features


Time & location of mobile staff & global workforce in real time. 4 way track - User ID + Time + Selfie + Location. No more proxy!


Easily track Client Visits of field workforce as well as Remote workers and employees who work from home.

Advanced Analytics

Real time attendance records in you palm! Track Absentees, Late Comers, Early Leavers, Overtime,under time, time off data

saved to the cloud

Consolidated data accessible via a centralized dashboard. Monitor your staff realtime.

Digital Payroll Data

No errors from manual encoding. Accurate Salary and Wages information from extensive reports on employee Overtime, Under time, Time Off.


No need to invest on building your own Mobile App, Cloud Hosting, and other devices like bundy clocks, biometric machines, and PCs. Pay as low as Php 150 per user per month.

Affordable Real-Time Attendance Software

Enjoy 15 days Free Trial of the Premium Plan. The Basic plan is absolutely free up to 5 users. Pay for only 10 months on Yearly plan. Call us for customized quotes or reseller options.

Premium Plan

Php 150

Per user
per month

Lite Plan

Php 85

Per user
per month

Basic Plan


Per user
per month

Frequently asked questions

UbiAttendance is just one key module in the UbiHRM suite of HR solutions. It was built independently and was intended to do one thing very well: capture comprehensive  attendance data. This data is then made available in relevant and downloadable formats that you can use for your existing Payroll system. 

UbiAttendance’ Mobile App (for IOS and ANDROID) is better than traditional attendance devices like bundy clocks, biometric machines, PC-based Attendance software, and even manual logbooks because of many reasons:

  • Cost Effectiveness (Ubiquitous)
    • No specialized equipment required, mobile phones are cheap and/or widely available
    • Much cheaper and faster to deploy (no installation, coordination, or implementation needed) 
  • Availability (Easily deploy anywhere)
    • Local and Remote Attendance
    • Multi-location
    • Can be used in Customer Premises, Field Offices, Work Sites, Branches, and even from home
  • Anti-Fraud and Tamper Resistant (multi-factor checking)
    • Location Specific with Geolocation
    • Time and Date Stamped (cannot be altered or deleted)
    • Biometrics via Face Capture (stored visual evidence)
    • Password authentication (security)
  • Management Support (Error-free and timely)
    • Real time update to database
    • Centralized Information
    • Consolidated Reports
    • No Human encoding required

It’s all about reducing your cost and capital investments. Our SaaS model allows you to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive and reliable system without the high expense. 

  • No Upfront Mobile App Development Cost
  • No Wait – Start using quickly
  • Low Monthly Cost – save on Hosting, Bandwidth, Software Maintenance, Upgrades, Security
  • With over 20 purpose-built Attendance Reports

None. You can have just 2 or 5 or 10 employees and still pay the unbelievably low fee of just Php 150 per month per user (for the Premium Plan). This is perfect for startups and SMEs.

If you have more than 100 employees, call us and we will give you even lower rates.

Our Numbers and Track Record

UbiAttendance is not only proven and trusted worldwide, it is also the most cost effective solution in the market today.

Global Companies
100 ++
User Installs
0.5 M++
11 +
Monthly Fee per User

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