Online Recruitment Made Simpler, Cheaper, and more Organized

UbiRecruit uses a combination of a Web Application and Cloud services to provide you with a simple, low cost, highly efficient, and reliable recruitment workflow and job application tracking and reporting solution.

UbiRecruit is a proven, ready-to-use, automated Job Posting and Job Application Tracking Solution for Recruitment Agencies, Large Businesses, and Small / Medium Enterprises. It is a Cloud-based SaaS and Web App offering with customers in various countries and used not only by Telecom giants but small IT startups as well.

Why is UbiRecruit a better method for automating your recruitment process?

Because it helps you better track applicants in 4 ways:​

See all Recruiting Data in one place

Organize all your hiring related tasks, schedules, progress, and observations in a few screens and consolidate all applicant, interview, and job information collected from multiple sources in a single place.

Ready to use Recruiting Templates

Every step in recruitment has unique communication or messaging needs. We provide pre-defined email templates as well as allow you to customize, save, and reuse your own.

Hiring Analytics and Insights

Get real time visibility of the status of every job application and candidate. With our dashboard, you can have a quick view of all job applicants in graphical, numerical or tabular format. Spot trends and patterns in hiring data.

Progress Workflow and Applicant Funnel

Auto-publish an online job posting and application form. Easily move applicants across recruitment stages you can define for your own process. Send targeted emails with a single click.

Best of Breed Capabilities at Affordable Rates

Key Features

Web based and Ready to Use

Launch anytime. Accessible all the time from anywhere. Fully digital and no paper anymore.

No hardware, software license, manpower cost

No software development necessary. Technical support and maintenance already included.

Social Media Support

Automatically publish all your job posts to social network like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

Centralized View of all Applicants

Powerful dashboards and reporting at your disposal.

Searchable Applicant Database

Powerful search feature helps shortlist candidates quickly and efficiently.

Automated tasks and bulk actions

Easily send emails and communicate with any, some, many, or all applicants with a few clicks.

How it works

Step 1: Create a Job Posting

Fill out a simple form to define the job opportunity and applicant requirements.

Step 2: Promote the auto-generated posting in the Career Page

Based on your requirements, the system will auto-generate and publish a professional looking job ad you can already disseminate. This job ad will also already have a ready online job application form. 

Step 3: View and Manage the job applicant list

Job applications are received, sorted, and filtered automatically. You can then manually screen them individually.

Step 4: Process each job applicant across the stages

Using advanced tools, screening and selections can be done using filters, criteria, Job Profiles, resume reviews, or Candidate history. Shortlist for interviews, schedule interviews and interviewers, gather feedback and observations.

Step 5: Update applicants easily and automatically

Use the default templates or your own reusable templates to inform candidates of their status and next steps throughout the various stages of the recruitment process. Generate performance reports for executive review.

Experience the Advantage of UbiRecruit!

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